Fiends Reunited - Year 6 Summer Show - July 2013

Here you can listen to short versions of songs from the show. Just click on the title of your choice. beware of the size of the file.
Fiends Reunited Opening  Fiends Reunited Opening
Song: The Witchy Girls  The Witchy Girls
Song: Fee Fi Fo Fum   Fee Fi Fo Fum
Song: Lone Wolf   Lone Wolf
Song: Axel And Throttle  Axel And Throttle
Song: Scary Fairy  Scary Fairy
Song: Give Me A Kiss ?  Give Me A Kiss ?
Song: Midnight   Midnight
Song: What A Difference  What A Difference
Song: Fiends_Finale  Fiends Reunited Finale

                    Our Grateful Thanks to:-
Mrs. Janet Robinson: Producing & Directing, with professional help and support from Nick & Sophie Waring.
Mr. Russell, Mrs. McGrath, Miss Brown and Year 6 for Scenery and Props.
Mr. Robinson for the backing tracks;
and Parents for the Costumes.

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